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We are located in the heart of Rancho Bernardo. Easy access off of Interstate 15 and Bernardo Center Dr. Give us a call at 858-673-5437. Our hours of operation are Monday - Thursday 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM and Friday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Summer Group Programs

K.I.D.S. offers a variety of year-round and summer programs.

Summer Sports Camp Forms

  • 2017 Sports Camp Flyer
  • 2017 Special Needs Information Form
  • 2017 Sports Camp Registration Form

  • Year-Round Programs

    social language group

    Social Learning Group

    social language groupOur social groups are for kids ages 4-18 with near typical cognitive and language skills, but are struggling with social concepts in group settings. Our groups consist of 2-4 kids per group. Each group is tailored to the individual needs within a group context. In order to determine if your child would benefit from our groups, we first have you complete a questionnaire to determine if a social learning group assessment is appropriate at this time. The groups are based on communication type which is determined by our Social Learning Group Assessment.

    Our groups are private pay tuition-based. If your child is not developmentally ready for our programming we continue to provide our individual patients with opportunities to interact with peers and work on their specific social language needs by offering peer pairings.

    To see if your child qualifies for a Social Learning Group Evaluation, please fill out the questionnaire located here.

    Once complete, please email your questionnaire to referrals@kidstherapyassociates.com. A staff member will then contact you to set up the evaluation.

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    handwriting without tears

    Handwriting Without Tears

    An occupational therapist will lead these sessions focusing on manuscript or cursive handwriting, as needed. The sessions will emphasis hand strength, pencil grip, letter formation, appropriate sizing, spacing, line orientation, and writing speed. Two children are seen together, matched according to needs.

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    interactive metronome

    Interactive Metronome

    Interactive Metronome (IM) is an assessment and treatment tool used in therapy to improve the neurological processes of motor planning, sequencing and processing. The IM program provides a structured, goal-oriented process that challenges the patient to synchronize a range of hand and foot exercises to a precise computer-generated reference tone heard through headphones. The patient attempts to match the rhythmic beat with repetitive motor actions. A patented auditory-visual guidance system provides immediate feedback measured in milliseconds, and a score is provided.

    Over the course of the treatment, patients learn to:

    • Focus and attend for longer periods of time
    • Increase physical endurance and stamina
    • Filter out internal and external distractions
    • Improve ability to monitor mental and physical actions as they are occurring
    • Progressively improve coordinated performance.

    If interested, please contact KIDS Therapy at 858-673-5437 for more information about this program.

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    tools for tuneups

    Zones of Regulation

    This program is designed for children with social and self-regulation challenges. This program includes fun learning activities to help children recognize when they are in the different zones (moods and states of alertness) as well as lessons on how to use strategies or tools to regulate the zone they are in. Calming techniques and thinking strategies are explored along with sensory supports so each child has a toolbox of strategies from which he/she can choose to help self-regulate for better focus and attention, emotional control, and improved peer social interactions. The group will be led each session by a licensed occupational therapist. Children will be grouped according to age and/or grade level.

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    listening program

    Listening Program

    The Listening Program is a method to train or re-train the ear and brain to process sound without distortion. It is based on the work of Alfrend Tomatis who believes that the quality of one's listening ability affects spoken and written language, level of alertness, level of creativity, and the ability to focus. It's an effective approach that helps improve brain function, reduce stress, and trains the brain in the auditory skills needed to effectively listen, learn, and communicate.

    This program is based on the study of Psycholinguistics, which is the psychological study of hearing. The program uses applied psychoacoustics to enhance the natural abilities inherent within musical structure. It enhances one's perception to the full spectrum of sound, which is not typical in everyday life.

    Listener Benefits Empirical evidence from scientific studies has demonstrated that almost anyone can benefit from TLP, however it is especially beneficial for those individuals experiencing difficulties in listening, sensory, learning, language, reading, attention, memory, social communication, behavior, cognitive, and auditory processing. See the attached articles.

    Access the research on TLP at The Listening Program website.

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